Our services are designed to empower aspiring innovators in the tech and emerging market landscapes.

With a commitment to providing more than just capital, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompass financial support, strategic mentorship, and unparalleled industry connections.

GVB Service Blueprint

  • Impact from Academic IP: Turning academic marvels into real-world, market game-changers.
  • Idea Refinement Desk: Have an idea? Let's mold it into a masterpiece.
  • The Investor Conduit: Get fast-tracked to decision-makers, not gatekeepers. And yes, that includes the titans at Hyder Ventures and Achleitner Ventures.
  • Legal & Financial Alliance: Merging expertise with your vision to navigate the treacherous waters of startup legality and finance.
  • Tech Development Hub: Quality tech support, without the premium price tag. Thanks to our trusted partners who've been there, done that.
  • IP Strategy Room: Patents? We've secured them, sold them, and scaled them. Let's craft your blueprint.
  • Real Estate Access Lane: Prime locations in Austin & Munich. Because where you grow matters.
  • Introductions to Giants: Knocking on doors? Let's open them. Get introduced to the world's leading tech and industrial behemoths.

Are you ready to join our growing list of top global startups?